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The Owners

We are Rudy & Esther Dye—two (married) best friends that started Westside Cleaners in early 2023.  This company started as an idea for us to pursue our college education debt-free and quickly grew into something much more. 

Wedding picture of owners

Our Beginning

A desperate decision led me to post on a Facebook Community page asking to clean one or two homes per week for cash. I received 50+ messages within 12 hours and was excitedly shocked by the need. I decided to run with it and I cleaned whenever I could between my part-time job and full-time class schedule.


My favorite part? I loved seeing my client's shoulders relax and their mood visibly improve as they glanced at my work. Residential cleaning taught me that cleaning a physical space well does much more than improve an environment. It invites peace into an atmosphere, allows time and mental space to focus on the bigger and better, and it makes a much larger impact on human behavior than you'd think. Rudy and I saw the potential to fill a burning need for quality cleaners in the Cache Valley community so we worked hard to expand our services to commercial cleaning, and there we found our niche.


Our first commercial project was intimidating, but we performed our very best and soon after we received the following feedback from the commercial business we worked with with in a follow-up meeting. "We can smell, feel, and taste the difference". A favorite saying of ours is, "By small and simple things are great things brought to pass". We feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to allow businesses to accomplish GREAT things by providing the "small and simple". 


-Esther DyeCo-Owner 

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